Xbox 360 - Marketplace

Babel Rising: 800 MS Points
Williams Pinball Classics: £14.99
Nicktoons MLB: £19.99
Family Game Night 4: £19.99

Babel Rising

Birds of Steel - Map Pack 1 Battle of Britain: 480 MS Points
Birds of Steel - Planes Pack 1 P-47 Thunderbolt & Os2U Kingfisher: 400 MS Points
Saints Row: The Third - Witches & Wieners Pack: 240 MS Points
Dragon's Dogma - From A Different Sky (Part 4): 80 MS Points
Dragon's Dogma - Quest Pack: The Chosen: 240 MS Points

And the winner of this week's DLC Royal Rumble is...

PlayStation 3

A sheer lack of content on Xbox Live Marketplace this week means that PlayStation 3 wins by default. And, quite frankly, who doesn't want to play Two Worlds II?

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pblive's Avatar


Babel rising is quite fun with move, if a little shallow.
Posted 12:27 on 16 June 2012