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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller Cheats for DS

On: DS

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller sees the player allocated a room in the Duel Academy's Obelisk Dormitory, where the beginner duelists are sent. While there, the player meets spectral forms which are revealed to be the 'Spirits of the Cards'.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Buy Out Packs For 150 DP:
First off, This cheat does not require an action replay to work. First, you go to the school store. Next, select a beginner pack and checkmark the first pack that appears. Then, move over the pack you want to completely buy out and press the L button. The last thing you need to do is move over to a pack you have not yet been to and press R. And Voila! The price shall change from your original total to 150 DP!
(supplied by: Dracoum)

Edited 10/06/2011 - 6:04pm GMT+1

Action Replay Codes 1

Please Note: These cheats require an Action Replay device

Game ID: AYXE-9a4dc3e2
There are 6 codes for this game.

This Code Must Be On
03808074 ebafd7e2

Infinite DP
021058cc 000f423f

Infinite HP
122cf08c 00001f40
122d1a3c 00001f40

Quick School Level Up
021058c0 0000ffff

1 Hit Defeats Enemy
822cf8f4 00000001
122cf8f4 00000001
822d1a40 00000001
122d1a40 00000001

Instantly Win Duel
122cf8f4 00000000
122d1a40 00000000

Edited 10/06/2011 - 6:04pm GMT+1
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User Comments

lemetwra's Avatar


how can i get them srsly where i put the codes??
Posted 18:55 on 28 March 2013
razorblade3's Avatar

razorblade3@ Chazzitup

Posted 06:20 on 15 August 2009
razorblade3's Avatar


i cant remember
Posted 06:18 on 15 August 2009
razorblade3's Avatar


how do you get action replay
Posted 06:18 on 15 August 2009
joe's Avatar
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you need to use school levle up for it and get to lvl 99 then all packs come in but i played fair i needed money so i got action replay and its fun =)
Posted 22:29 on 01 March 2009
jarboe's Avatar
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wut duz it do
Posted 21:56 on 18 January 2009
LAVASD's Avatar
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Yo this code for the actoin replay works
94000130 000000FF
D5000000 33333333
C0000000 000000C1
D6000000 02105BB0
D2000000 00000000
oh and for the pepole that dont know you can go to the europe actoin replay are and then mix the US codeds with the europe ones in my codlist thingy
Posted 18:58 on 08 January 2009
craig's Avatar
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is there a cheat for DP that dosn't invole action replay
Posted 20:59 on 29 December 2008
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I mean is there a destiny hero pack?
Posted 12:41 on 28 December 2008
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Is there a destin heor pack?
Posted 12:41 on 28 December 2008
poopy poop's Avatar
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poopy poop

no u dont im lvl 99 and packs are still comin. by the way, the 1st 3 guys are right
Posted 18:29 on 22 December 2008
matrules250's Avatar
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xgolden lego if u are level 99 you get all the packs
Posted 14:28 on 29 November 2008
xGolden Lego's Avatar
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xGolden Lego

Does a code exist for all packs? cause thats what I need.
Posted 01:54 on 16 October 2008
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It does to douglas
Posted 02:40 on 13 October 2008
DOUGLAS's Avatar
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Posted 00:24 on 13 October 2008

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Publisher: Konami
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