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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron screenshot
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron screenshot

LucasArts has today confirmed the development of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for PSP and Nintendo DS.

For the first time ever in the Star Wars Battlefront series, players will be able to fight on multi-level battlefronts, on the ground and in space. Players will be able to start the fight on foot, commandeer a vehicle to battle on the ground or dogfight in space, and land their craft and fight on capital starships.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron promises to feature a deep and engrossing single-player campaign that spans the entire Star Wars Saga and beyond. Players will assume the identity of X2, a clone trooper created from the DNA of a Jedi Master. Originally tasked with eliminating Jedi during Order 66, X2 decides to leave his past behind and joins the Rebellion. X2 will come up against X1, his clone brother, who has chosen a much more sinister path.

The PSP game will also feature the deepest customisation options ever seen in a Star Wars Battlefront title, allowing players to personalize and build their character with more weapons and items than ever before. On the Nintendo DS, players will experience class-based gameplay that allows them to outfit their characters with pre-determined weapon armaments, including heavy weapons, blasters and lightsabers.

Multiplayer modes will support up to 16 players on PSP, complete with stat tracking, while DS players will be able to take part in four-player skirmishes.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is scheduled for an autumn 2009 release on PSP and Nintendo DS.

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User Comments

AngryVideoGamerNerd's Avatar


well at least it is contributed to swb 3.
Posted 02:14 on 13 August 2009
guyderman's Avatar


Nooooooooo!!!!!! - (not aimed at the PSP & DS versions) - I was really hoping this was going to be about Battlefront 3! That camcorder footage looked great (shakey but great) and I always wondered if it would ever see the light of day!

YouTube Video
Posted 13:08 on 27 May 2009
DarthKratos7's Avatar


YES! this just makes my purchase of a psp worthy!! I'll be adding this game to my 09' list of games to get.. now lets just hope they announce Battlefront III at E3... X2? a new character in the starwars universe? lol I wonder how that would play out. A clone trooper with the DNA of a Jedi Master?? lol those Kaminoens are freaky!
Posted 18:44 on 26 May 2009
The_Ace_Of_Aids's Avatar


damn not what i was hoping for.
Posted 17:55 on 26 May 2009

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