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Star Fox: Command

Star Fox: Command Features for DS

On: DS
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Nintendo's second half of 2008 is looking pretty barren for new releases at the moment, but that's sure to change. Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime has said that Wii-owners can expect "a big game for the holiday" and we're sure that game and more will be revealed at E3 in July. With that in mind we've put together the Top 10: Nintendo games we'd love to see on Wii. Sure, we won't get them all this year, but there's no harm in thinking ahead.

10. Donkey Kong

Let's admit it, Donkey Kong 64 wasn't nearly as good as it could have been. Rare delivered a great looking Nintendo 64 game that featured some great platforming gameplay, but there was far too much collecting and at points the difficulty spikes were hard to take. Since DK64 we've had some less than spectacular releases, including the awful Donkey Kong Jet Race on the Wii. With Mario Galaxy being the only true 3D platformer of note in recent years, there's plenty of room for another classic Nintendo series to make a comeback. We just hope we don't have to collect as much stuff.

9. Pikmin

Pikmin might not have the AAA status of the likes of Mario, Zelda and Metroid, but its two GameCube games proved to be among the best on the console. Pikmin's simple RTS gameplay seems like a great fit for the Wii Remote and the Wii's improved online service should allow for some online multiplayer. The key to making a great Wii Pikmin will be how the controls are worked into the gameplay and what new elements they bring to the table. It's been a while since Pikmin 2, but fans will want more than a straightforward follow-up.

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User Comments

Anonymous's Avatar
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I actually thought star fox adventures was pretty cool. Maybe add a bit more flying, but the story felt deeper when fox was out of the cockpit.
Posted 04:04 on 19 June 2008
DaftMonk's Avatar
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Kid Icarus. I agree with everything you posted as well.
Posted 18:36 on 21 March 2008
Nata-Wii's Avatar


Lol ahhhh i see now. :) And yes, I also really want a Starfox game.
Posted 14:31 on 21 March 2008
Marink's Avatar

Marink@ Nata-Wii

Originally Posted by Nata-Wii
I'd love Animal Crossing on Wii too. But I'm not sure if it will happen.

It is happening. Whether it is going to be a MMO game or not is another story (although my money is on it not being MMO).

All I want is a proper Starfox and Snowboard Kids and I'll be happy.
Posted 14:28 on 21 March 2008
Nata-Wii's Avatar

Nata-Wii@ bencrosaby

Originally Posted by bencrosaby
Animal Crossing MMORPG. Anyone want to bet on that?

I'd love Animal Crossing on Wii too. But I'm not sure if it will happen. I've ALWAYS thought it would, but no so long back, Nintendo said that they had no plans to release any MMO's on the Wii anytime soon. But I bet they will release it eventually :D
Posted 13:43 on 21 March 2008
bencrosaby's Avatar


Animal Crossing MMORPG. Anyone want to bet on that?
Posted 13:13 on 21 March 2008
Wido's Avatar


I would like to see Wario Land to make a debut on the Wii, as that would be sure kick ass!!! Starfox FTW!!! as that's even more of a kick ass game, also throw in online gaming for StarFox that would be sweet.
Posted 10:25 on 21 March 2008
jtorry's Avatar

jtorry@ andres

Originally Posted by andres
Namco didn't make f-zero GX, it was Sega. Amusement Vision(?) to be clear, the creators of Super Monkey ball.
Oops. Thanks for the correction. Namco was partially behind the arcade hardware, so that's the reason for our confusion.
Posted 22:46 on 20 March 2008
Nata-Wii's Avatar

Nata-Wii@ Deamon

DEFINITELY a Kid Icarus game! A Starfox game would also be cool.

Originally Posted by Deamon

I'm guessing this was just made up or something because the only thing we ever got about sadness was a rubbish little trailer, and we've not heard anything else about it in about a year.
Posted 22:43 on 20 March 2008
andres's Avatar
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Namco didn't make f-zero GX, it was Sega. Amusement Vision(?) to be clear, the creators of Super Monkey ball.
Posted 19:39 on 20 March 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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What about Earthbound? I wanna a see a remake of earthbound for the Wii.
Posted 17:56 on 20 March 2008
googguy's Avatar
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I think that for established franchises, this is a good list. But it needs a new one that's supposed to be on the way, i.e. Disaster: Day of Crisis.
Posted 17:49 on 20 March 2008
Adam's Avatar
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Kid Icarus Wii prz.
Posted 17:43 on 20 March 2008
Mike's Avatar
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I'd to see Cobra Command. I loved that game!!
Posted 16:56 on 20 March 2008
rahnyc4's Avatar
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mach rider
Posted 16:21 on 20 March 2008

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