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Spore for DS

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Go from a single cell organism to a fully grown and evolved creature in the next game from the mind that brought us The Sims.

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Spore movie is happening

Animated creature feature from Ice Age man.

Publish date Oct 2 2009

Spore sales approach 2 million in 3 weeks

Over 40 million creatures uploaded to Sporepedia.

3 Publish date Oct 31 2008

EA celebrates 1 million spore milestone

Over a million copies sold worldwide across PC, Mac and DS. 25 million creations uploaded to Sporepedia.

Publish date Sep 25 2008

UK Video Game Chart: EA Mercs the competition

No change at the top as Mercenaries 2 continues to lead Tiger Woods 09 and Spore.

2 Publish date Sep 16 2008

Heads-up: What's new this week

A look ahead to Friday's new releases.

Publish date Sep 2 2008

User created Spore creatures top a million

EA and Maxis appear to be on to a winner thanks to the Spore Creature Creator.

Publish date Jun 25 2008

The Big Issue: First Take-Two, next EA's own console?

Deputy Editor Wesley Yin-Poole wonders if EA plans to challenge Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft with a stunning entry into the home console market.

13 Publish date Mar 3 2008

PC games frontrunners, do things consoles can't

Spore dev: "RTS' are PC games. FPS' are still PC games. The PC is where it's at".

4 Publish date Feb 13 2008

Spore Preview

What's Spore all about? EA Maxis spills the beans to VideoGamer.com.

5 Publish date Feb 13 2008

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Game Stats

Release Date: 01/09/2008
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Strategy
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 17,449 331
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