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The Los Angeles Intellectual Property Trademark Attorney Blog reports that Attorneys for Charles Schmidt – creator of Keyboard Cat – and Christopher Orlando Torres – creator of Nyan Cat - have accused Warner Bros and 5th Cell of including the Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat characters in multiple Scribblenauts titles dating back to 2009 without any licenses or authorizations.

Warner and 5th Cell have also been accused of identifying Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat by name in the promotion and marketing of the Scribblenauts games.

The IP Blog makes the point that neither plaintiff is entitled to statutory damages or attorney's fees for claims related to the 2009 Scribblenauts title because neither copyright was registered until 2010.

The latest Scribblenauts title, Scribblenauts Unlimited was scheduled for release back in February, but suffered a last minute delay and is yet to be released – although some copies were dispatched by Given the copyright claims were only made in April, however, it doesn't appear that the game's delay was related to the lawsuit.


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For the record, the nyan cat won't happen seeing as all the "creator" did was make a gif and stole the music himself.

The keyboard cat meme was trademarked in 2010, the first scribblenauts was out in 2009, i cannot see this going through.

This was a dick move by both "creators" and i hope this is thrown out of court.

Also, according to Eurogamer "Both plaintiffs allege that their creations were used without license or authorisation, in order to "promote and market" the games, the Los Angeles IP trademark blog reports."

They were easter eggs and i doubt anyone bought the game for these two moggys.
Posted 16:09 on 02 May 2013

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