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Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney coming to Europe in December?

Cross your fingers, touch wood and give your bunny a foot massage: it looks like Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney could be heading to Europe this December.

4 Publish date Jul 17 2012 Plays March 18, 2012

This week the team plays Professor Layton, Skyrim, and Mass Effect 2.

13 Publish date Mar 18 2012

New Professor Layton trademark

To be announced at E3?

Publish date May 27 2011

UKIE slip-up releases sales data

Fable III sold 128,895 units in its first week.

18 Publish date Nov 1 2010

UK Video Game Chart: New Vegas betters Fallout 3

First week sales up 29 per cent.

1 Publish date Oct 25 2010 Plays

What we've been playing this week.

30 Publish date Oct 17 2010

European DS release schedule

October through December.

Publish date Oct 1 2010

Professor Layton and the Lost Future Preview

Almost time to collect more Picarats.

1 Publish date Aug 9 2010

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