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Pokemon SoulSilver

Players return to the scenic Johto region first introduced in the original Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Score:


Our Verdict: With HeartGold and SoulSlver the Pokémon series has reached a point where it can't get any better. It's like a level 100 Pikachu; it's as good as it can possibly be.

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Pokémon TCG World Champions Crowned

The Pokémon Company International has today announced the winners of its Pokémon World Championship, which took place in San Diego, California.

Publish date Aug 15 2011

Catch the rare Celebi Pokemon at GAME stores

Only available on February 26-27.

8 Publish date Feb 21 2011 Plays

What we've been playing this week.

20 Publish date May 30 2010

Join at the Pokemon Championship

Saturday May 29 at the NEC, Birmingham.

40 Publish date May 25 2010 Plays

What we've been playing this week.

14 Publish date Apr 25 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Splinter Cell sneaks into No.1

Ubisoft claims second place too.

4 Publish date Apr 19 2010

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Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Discussion in General Gaming

greenguy21's Avatar

haha it is funny i have a gbc emulator on my phone and i have pokemon gold and since i dont like gold that much i decided that was the one i would use gameshark codes on and i ended up having level...

Catch the rare Celebi Pokemon at GAME stores in Article Comments

Woffls's Avatar

5 stores is ridiculous tbh. Nearest to me is Reading which is an 80 minute drive. I'd have at least expected Southampton to be there Oh well.

by Woffls

Join at the Pokemon Championship in Article Comments

IndoorHeroes's Avatar

I can totally do Meowth as well. "Meoth! Thats right!" See.

Game Stats

Release Date: 26/03/2010
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: RPG
Rating: PEGI 3+
Site Rank: 2,188 277
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