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Nintendo has announced it will be hosting the Pokémon Village Fête across the UK this summer, enabling fans to experience the very latest Pokémon video games for Nintendo DS and Wii and take in a screening of the 11th Pokémon movie – Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

Fans will discover the Colossal Regigigas – receive the 486th Pokémon to Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl or Pokémon Platinum exclusively at the Pokémon Village Fête. With this special Regigigas in your party in Pokémon Platinum, you may stumble across Registeel, Regice and Regirock during your adventure. Discover more at:

In addition you can also enjoy face painting, balloon modelling and have your photo taken with your favourite Pokémon character. The Pokémon Village Fête will also give you the chance to win a family holiday to a Haven holiday park during March, April, May or June 2010.

If you’re new to Pokémon, enrol in the ‘Training Academy’ where you’ll be taught the all important vital skills, essential to become a successful ‘Pokémon Trainer’. Once your training is complete you’ll be ready to enter the ‘Challenge Zone’ where you can battle opponents using Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl and play the newest title in the series Pokémon Platinum. Bring your Nintendo DS console and transfer your battle ready Pokémon onto the big screen and battle in 3D Colosseums in Pokémon Battle Revolution on Wii.

Pokémon Village Fête details:

Sunderland Air Show, July 25-26 2009
Seaburn and Roker Seafront

Nottingham River Festival, July 31-August 2 2009
Victoria Embankment

Bristol Balloon Fiesta, August 6-9 2009
Ashton court

Eastbourne Airshow, August 13-16 2009
Eastbourne Sea Front

Weymouth Carnival, August 18-19 2009
Runs from Lodmoor to the Pavillio

Liverpool One Shopping Centre, August 22-24 2009
5 Wall Street,
L1 8JQ

Braehead Shopping Centre, August 28-31 2009
Kings Inch Road,
G51 4BN

Westfield Shopping Centre, Derby, September 3-7 2009

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Wido's Avatar


Derby is close like 25mins on the train. So I guess I could pop down and collect the Pokemon which are for free.

I'm currently going through the process of migrating Pokemon from Ruby to Platinum. *Curses the one day rule*
Posted 11:56 on 21 July 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ Karlius

Were you actually planning on going to one of them? I might, there are usually plenty of people to trade/battle with. I never use legendaries anyway, so the Regigigas is just pure bonus/trade fodder.
Posted 11:25 on 21 July 2009
Karlius's Avatar


Damn no Welsh dates. Ah well nothing new there.
Posted 11:04 on 21 July 2009

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