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The Pokemon Company has announced it is developing an entirely new Pokemon series featuring 'new Pokemon'.

This will be the first new Pokemon series since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Rather unsurprisingly, the new Pokemon is coming to Nintendo DS and promises new features and functionality.

The new game is scheduled for release in Japan later this year.

Via Kotaku

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Deoxyslover's Avatar


Saw it, it's black and white y'know.
Posted 21:34 on 20 April 2010
pokedude's Avatar


no, its all about gold/silver/crystal
Posted 14:08 on 30 January 2010


Its all about Red and Blue :D
Posted 22:50 on 29 January 2010
bencrosaby's Avatar


I still think the first two were the best, Sapphire/Ruby and Diamond/Pearl just messed up the genre completely for me and made it overly complicated.
Posted 18:54 on 29 January 2010


Oh, great more pokemon, maybe they'll be as sucessful as the third series they brought out? They should just bring out new regions and stick with the original 151/251 (or whatever it was) at a push.
Posted 15:06 on 29 January 2010
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ pblive

Now that pricked my ears up
Posted 10:36 on 29 January 2010


Breaking News:*

The new Pokemon games will be FPS bloodfests rated 18. The story follows an older Ash who has been disillusioned with the world after Pokemon contests are banned for being cruel to the creatures.

He vows revenge on the Animal Rights activists who stopped the fights and has trained his Pokemon collection to kill.

Play through 18 levels of bloody mayhem as you find and release deadly Pokemon killers on an unsuspecting public, avoiding the police, activists and anyone who stands in your way.

*in my head.
Posted 10:28 on 29 January 2010
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ IndoorHeroes

Where does beige stand in relation to my feeling to this news

"I think I want to curl up and die?"

I think Grey.
Posted 10:22 on 29 January 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


My excitement level has been set to beige alert.
Posted 10:04 on 29 January 2010

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