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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy announced for 3DS

Three-game pack coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this winter with "redrawn high-res visuals".

2 Publish date Jun 5

All-female Japanese theatre group to produce 'Ace Attorney 3' stage show

Capcom has announced that an all-female Japanese musical theatre company will produce the third entry of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney live stage show in January 2013.

Publish date Jul 31 2012

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney coming to Europe in December?

Cross your fingers, touch wood and give your bunny a foot massage: it looks like Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney could be heading to Europe this December.

4 Publish date Jul 17 2012

Capcom confirms Ace Attorney film

Live-action Phoenix Wright flick to hit Japanese cinemas next year.

Publish date May 27 2011

Is Takashi Miike directing an Ace Attorney movie?

O sinister gods of film and gaming, please let it be true!

2 Publish date May 24 2011 Plays

What we've been playing this week.

8 Publish date Jan 30 2011

Ace Attorney 3DS?

'It might be a really good chance for us to use that technology', says Phoenix Wright creator.

Publish date Jun 21 2010 Plays

What we've been playing this week.

24 Publish date Jan 10 2010

Top 10: Adventure games's essential buyer's guide takes on gaming's best Adventure games.

2 Publish date Jan 10 2008

More Phoenix Wright coming to DS

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations confirmed for release on Nintendo DS.

1 Publish date Apr 16 2007

Ace Attorney 3 coming to DS?

A computerised stock system may have confirmed details of the next Western outing for Phoenix Wright.

Publish date Apr 11 2007

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