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Nintendo MP3 Player screenshot
Nintendo MP3 Player screenshot

It's not just the Wii that Nintendo is releasing in Europe on December 8, but also the Nintendo MP3 Player for the Nintendo DS, GBA and Game Boy Micro The device transforms your Nintendo handheld into a fully fledged MP3 player, and provides easy to use track selection and on-screen song info.

The cart accepts SD memory cards which once loaded with MP3s can be easily inserted into the cart. The cart is then plugged into the Game Boy Advance port on the handheld and you're ready to listen to your music.

The Nintendo MP3 Player will retail for around £20 and goes on sale across Europe on December 8. You'll have to purchase an SD card separately as Nintendo isn't bundling one with the player, but a 2GB card can be bought for less than £20.

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Muezli's Avatar
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Muezli@ Iwata Idiot

"I'll complain all I like, thats my right of a consumer. Last time I checked businesses take consumer critisism and change their products to appeal to consumers, this is business idiot."

dude, they wont change anything to do with the price if you complain about it... their corporate and consumer researchers have done their jobs & found a price that as Jams quit rightly said, is reasonable.. infact, i bought one for my bro for Xmas!

Posted 20:30 on 18 December 2006
Bob's Avatar
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Bob@ Iwata Idiot

Rouge is stupid, the Wii is anything but overpriced, and they could get away with bumping the price up to 320 and it would still be a great deal.
Posted 18:10 on 03 December 2006
Nintendo loser's Avatar
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Nintendo loser@ Iwata Idiot

Then what? If nintendo becomes sucessful then what you're gonna come on here and think you're better cause some stupid company got rich? You're a loser
Posted 22:28 on 18 November 2006
ALL R Whiners!'s Avatar
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ALL R Whiners!@ Iwata Idiot

All of you are whiners! Suck it up and quit the bashing. Let Nintedo to their thing. You'll be the last one to complain when the world will witness the success of the Wii.
Posted 12:00 on 18 November 2006
Your whining's Avatar
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Your whining@ Iwata Idiot

I'll complain all I like, thats my right of a consumer. Last time I checked businesses take consumer critisism and change their products to appeal to consumers, this is business idiot.

Why dont you grow up, and quiet whining yourselves, your bringing the site down. Nintendo Fanboy.
Posted 11:52 on 18 November 2006
hah's Avatar
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hah@ Iwata Idiot

I smell ps3 fanboy Rogue
Posted 05:35 on 18 November 2006
Stop Whining's Avatar
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Stop Whining@ Iwata Idiot

Please, those complaining about corporations being money mongers need to get a grip on reality. They are in this thing called a business - where they *gasp* strive to make money. Don't like it?! Good then stop Beefing about it and take your business else-where. Plain and simple - people will buy what people will buy - let the buyer beware, but jeez don't hate on people trying to make their own way through life (meaning big business)!
Posted 02:58 on 18 November 2006
Jams's Avatar

Jams@ mario bro.

I think £20 is quite reasonable personally...
Posted 20:45 on 17 November 2006
mario bro.'s Avatar
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mario bro.@ Iwata Idiot

why not in USA are we getting the mp3 for our handheld.
Posted 18:55 on 17 November 2006
Rogue_Soul's Avatar


Much like Apple. People are more than happy to buy Nintendo's overpriced nonsense aka crap!

Nobody complains because it's 'Nintendo' - saviour of Bunnies across the globe and fluffy things that make cute coo'ing noises. Nobody see's them as the money grabbing, corporate *******s that they are. The Wii is overpriced for what it is! Yet nobody cares. Grrr.
Posted 17:14 on 17 November 2006
Iwata Idiot's Avatar
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Iwata Idiot

This should be less than £10, nintendo are turning into microsoft, greedy pigs.
Posted 16:55 on 17 November 2006

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