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My highest score ever was 2019 (in 16 screens) but still no rocket!! I use the "normal" mode to try out new moves (like making "pills" go through rows of germs, etc). And only go for the high score on the "Hard".
Posted 12:47 on 23 April 2009
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Maisie, My highest score is 1423, my friend Teresa managed 1760, there is no way you could get a score of 3575! No way! Not on the game I've played. We always play on "Hard" mode. Does this make any difference to how easy it is to get a high score? What score do you have to get to get the Rocket?
Posted 12:49 on 10 October 2008
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Hi I'm thinking of buying this game. Do you recommend it?
Posted 21:55 on 09 May 2008
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my germ high score is 3576
Posted 22:26 on 18 March 2008
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yeah that would have been good, I like the germ buster game! My high score is 1044

Posted 20:34 on 07 March 2008
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Joanna Bruce

Why didn't you post a screen shot of Germ Buster, the "Hidden" bonus i found within minutes of playing the game? My high score is 333.
Posted 09:27 on 09 July 2007

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