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'Exceptional demand' for PS3, 360 and Wii exclusives

LittleBigPlanet, Gears of War 2 and Wii Fit all sell well, says GAME.

8 Publish date Jan 13 2009

Wii and DS set new hardware records

2.04 million Wiis and 1.56 million DSs sold in the US during November.

1 Publish date Dec 12 2008

DS Brain Training games to be downloadable

Nintendo reveals that the two DS non-games will be available to download to your DSi.

1 Publish date Oct 3 2008

5 new DS Lite bundles announced

Should make good Xmas presents.

1 Publish date Sep 18 2008

Miyamoto banned from discussing hobbies

Nintendo fears the interests of the veteran video game designer will reveal his next big idea.

Publish date Aug 11 2008

No plans for even more Brain Training

The two existing Nintendo DS titles continue to sell well says Nintendo.

1 Publish date Jul 4 2008

UK Video Game Chart: Army of Two is No.1

Xbox 360 version accounts for 66% of total sales.

Publish date Mar 10 2008

UK Video Game Chart: Mario & Sonic still top

Renewed stock of the Wii version ensures the Olympic Games title holds on.

Publish date Feb 26 2008

UK Video Game Chart: Mario back on top

Renewed stock of the multi-event party game sees it take the gold medal with ease.

Publish date Jan 22 2008

Halo 3 outsold by Nintendo's Brain Training titles

Total sales for 2007 saw massive success for the Nintendo DS' Touch Generation titles, eclipsing sales of Halo 3.

Publish date Jan 10 2008

UK Video Game Chart: Assassin's Creed closes out 2007

Ubisoft's social stealth title finishes the year on a high.

Publish date Jan 2 2008

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