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Konami has announced it will release Miami Crisis, a new action adventure title for Nintendo DS from Hudson Soft, in September.

Miami Crisis will feature a mix of crime-scene detection and action elements, with Martin Law from the Miami PD and FBI Agent Sara Starling charged with solving a series of linked crimes. Law is an intense officer who will use any means necessary to make a bust, while Sterling is an intelligent agent with an eye for detail.

Playing as Law, players will experience a more action-orientated game, with the officer becoming embroiled in the hard-edged side of law enforcement. Play as Starling and a more puzzle-focussed experience will play out, with the agent using forensics and detailed examination techniques to search for clues.

Miami Crisis is scheduled for release only on Nintendo DS in September.

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Release Date: 01/09/2009
Developer: Hudson
Publisher: Hudson
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