Kirby Squeak Squad for DS

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Kirby's back and ready for a bellyful of adventure as he takes on a diabolical band of thieves called the Squeaks.

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Kirby 20th anniversary collection announced for Wii

Loveable pink marshmallow-lookalike Kirby is 20 this year (he's looking great for 20, too) and Nintendo is putting together an anniversary compendium on the Wii to celebrate two decades of his existence.

Publish date Apr 23 2012

Kirby wreaks revenge on mice this June

Nintendo has announced the June 22 European release of Kirby Mouse Attack for Nintendo DS.

1 Publish date May 23 2007

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Kirby wreaks revenge on mice this June in Article Comments

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is there any cheats for kirby mouse attack

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Release Date: 22/06/2007
Developer: HAL
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Platformer
No. Players: 1-4
Rating: TBC
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