Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for DS

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

This is the untold story of Organization XIII's Roxas.

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Final Fantasy 13 sales top 5.5 million

Dragon Quest IX, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Kingdom Hearts also million sellers.

1 Publish date May 18 2010

Kingdom Hearts 3 'depends on' FF Versus XIII

But development already underway.

Publish date Mar 25 2010

October NPD: Uncharted 2 sells over 500,000 units

Also strong openings for Wii Fit Plus, Borderlands and NBA 2K10.

Publish date Nov 13 2009

Square Enix targeting eight blockbuster titles

Hopes to expand beyond Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

Publish date Sep 29 2009

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days out October 9

Exclusively heading to Nintendo DS.

5 Publish date Aug 4 2009

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days out this autumn

The first game in the series to offer multiplayer.

2 Publish date May 28 2009

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Release Date: 08/10/2009
Developer: Square-Enix Co
Publisher: Square-Enix Co
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Rating: PEGI 12+
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