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Green fingered gamers will soon be able to potter away on their virtual farm with the April 13 release of Harvest Moon DS. Players are given a farm in Forget-Me-Not Valley and will have to tend to flocks, cultivate seed variants into quality produce, explore different locations, hunt for treasure and even do a spot of fishing.

Using the touch screen players will have to raise and interact with the animals by petting and caring for them. Ensuring your animals are happy will mean they reward you with better quality milk, eggs and wool.

Forget-Me-Not Valley is also home to 25 villagers whom players can build up relationships with by chatting and giving them presents.

Harvest Moon DS will be released across Europe on April 13 with an estimated retail price of £30.

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x-Lil_Princess-x's Avatar


Do all games frezeis is it just yours???
Posted 11:36 on 07 May 2007
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it is a good game but it freezes soz
Posted 10:25 on 22 April 2007
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u r prepard 2 spend a long time on it and u r prepared 4 many many glitches and freezings etc. i currently cant get bodigizers n turbojolts 2 appear in my rucksac at all, separating things often doesnt work and seeds wnt sow sumtimz and buildings wont appear. oh, and prepare 2 be annoyed wen buildins fal down n kil ur animals. apart from that its a good game :) ps i did not intend 2 put this game down if i did but @ the moment im in a very bad mood as an aftereffect of its glitches O.o
Posted 21:17 on 18 April 2007

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