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Gamasutra reports that EA COO John Pleasants has said that while the current music category in gaming is dominated by fantasies of being a rock star, five years from now there will be much more on offer.

"When we look back five years, the fantasy of being a rock star by punching the buttons that are flowing down the screen is going to be one implementation in what is going to be a very large category," said Pleasants at this week's Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference.

"There are lots of other things you can do with music, and we're working on interesting things, and we know our competition is working on interesting things."

Despite the hints Pleasants wasn't willing to offer any further details.

"We're not in any position to announce anything," he said. "I think it's a robust category. Over the coming years, there will hopefully be lots of things we will do in the music category."

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