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As one of the most loved games in the series, Final Fantasy VII has for a long time been rumoured to be getting the remake treatment, and with the game's ten year anniversary approaching these rumours just aren't going away.

However, if we believe Square Enix character designer Tetsuya Nomura the rumours are absolutely not true.

"It appears that there are often overseas rumours like 'Are you currently developing a VII remake?' My apologies, but we're absolutely not making [such a game]," Nomura told Japanese magazine Dorimaga.

There is still some hope that a Final Fantasy VII remake will see the light of day, with plenty of Square Enix staff very keen on the idea.

"When we ask the staff who are making FFXIII why they entered the company, there are many people who say, 'I'm an FFVII fan, I also want to do a remake.'" said Square Enix game director Yoshinori Kitase.

He goes on to say: "We of course know ourselves what the fans want so we'd like to continue thinking up a variety of things. As long as there are people who want to make it and people who are waiting for it, we don't want to proclaim 'the end.'"

For now though, it looks like a remake isn't on the Square Enix agenda.

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Spike2's Avatar


They might just try to make a movie of it like they did with Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Posted 11:45 on 06 August 2007
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Karmas Sin

It's Most likely Going to happen there are so many Obsessed fans of FF7 that If I doesn't happen Square Enix Might Be Rampaged by pissed off fans.

Aside from that they've already remade FF 1 2 3 and 4 It's Only A matter of time.
Posted 23:34 on 20 July 2007
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Having played al Final Fantasy's I am dissapointed that the havent remade 7 it is the best and I would consider buying a PS3 if FF7 was remade!!!!!
Posted 15:06 on 29 June 2007

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