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Titled Doubutsu No Muri in Japan, the animated film will be released on December 16. As previously revealed, Jouji Shimura has been handling direction, with screen writing in the hands of Aya Matsui.

The website says that the film will be very much in keeping with the Animal Crossing games, with a plot that revolves around a girl called Ai who moves to Animal Village - a place where humans and animals live together as friends. Ai settles into village life just fine and is happily making new friends, then one day a mysterious letter in a bottle appears on the beach. The message reads "A miracle will occur the night of the Snow Festival."

The film will also feature Kotobuki, the town's mayor; Tanukichi, the raccoon shop owner; the alligator Alberto, and Kappei the taxi driver. There has been no announcement regarding the film's release outside of Japan, so don't expect to see it screening at your local cinema any time soon - if at all.

You can check out a short teaser trailer by clicking on the fourth apple from the left on the website's home page, or simply follow this link.

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bluecoconut45's Avatar


I saw parts 1 and 2 of the movie on youtube. it's okay, but really it can't compare to playing the game. Making a movie out of it was not neccesary at all.
Posted 02:51 on 02 March 2009
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alberto is really alfonso!(the best villager out their!)
Tanukichi is really tom nook
Kotobuki is really tortimer(jeez!)
Kappei is really Kappn!

dude it's all animal crossing fan knowledge!
Posted 23:37 on 30 September 2007
c's Avatar
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that has to b the oddest thing iv heard al day! il watch it on youtube if i can find it if sum1 makes a video of it.
Posted 16:56 on 07 April 2007
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sophie@ sophie

= its ok... i want to see it in english lol
Posted 18:10 on 23 August 2006
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ching chong chi
Posted 18:04 on 23 August 2006

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