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Following comments made by EA CEO John Riccitiello which put video games and movies side by side in their importance, Variety video games reporter and reviews editor Ben Fritz has weighed in with his thoughts on the subject.

Fritz called Riccitiello's comments "misguided if not totally wrong" and pointed to a string of video games based on movies. He does, however, concede that there are several video game properties either currently being made into movies or waiting in the wings for the same treatment.

"... there are projects like "Gears of War," "World of Warcraft," and EA's own "Dead Space." And a few big games like "Bioshock" and "Assassin's Creed" are, I hear, on Hollywood's radar," said Fritz.

BioShock and Assassin's Creed movies sound like a good idea in our book, so we certainly hope Fritz is correct.

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tony2000's Avatar
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I want bioshock movie now! I am a consumer! I will pay big £ to watch at the cinema over and over again and will buy it on blue ray and DVD! Make it now!
Posted 23:21 on 07 May 2008
Doodmanguy's Avatar
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As i was playing assassins creed, i thought that it would make an excellent movie, the story was so well put together, but i think i needs some romance too. and bioshock, is a maby for me.
Posted 03:55 on 30 April 2008
Pangtong_Blademaster's Avatar


I wouldnt think Bioshock would make a good movie, whether or not people makes movies depends on likings of the GENERAL audience not just us gamers so that's why 99% of game movies suck.
Posted 17:05 on 20 April 2008
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yeah altair would work a movie pretty good but a badass like that knows he would be getting some ass. like in the very first part of the game the chicks are all over him then they just stop. wtf? every girl loves a badboy
Posted 22:53 on 19 April 2008
RaZoR_GTX's Avatar


BIOSHOCK as a movie is a friggin must!!! How freaky would that be to watch at night! :D
Posted 12:44 on 15 April 2008
Scabby_Sid's Avatar


Assassin's Creed will probably be a better movie than a game. :P
Posted 11:19 on 15 April 2008

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