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07 Commando sees players assuming the role of Storm who must battle against arch enemy Rattlesnake and its henchmen to prevent the organisation from taking control of the world.

The game will throw swarms of enemies at the player, and once the fodder is out of the way players will be faced with huge bosses, each posing a new challenge.

Action is presented on the DS' top screen with the touch screen used for displaying maps and playing mini-games. These mini-games will appear throughout the course of the main campaign and will aid progression.

07 Commando is scheduled for release for Nintendo DS in Q1 2008.

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Game Stats

Release Date: 30/05/2008
Developer: Mana Computer Software
Publisher: Lexicon Entertainment
Genre: Action
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 12+
Site Rank: 14,055 234
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