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Dark Souls 2 Guide - character classes, bosses and world walkthroughs

Over 20 guides to help you through the agonising landscape of Dark Souls 2.

Publish date Today, 17:14pm

Wasteland 2: The First 30 Mins

Jim takes Bratt on a tour through the first half hour of Wasteland 2, explaining what it's about and how the combat works.

2 Publish date Today, 17:58pm

Destiny Guide - The Crucible, the Tower, Multiplayer, tips and tricks to level up and more

Let VideoGamer be your Vanguard and guide you through the world of Destiny.

Publish date Today, 16:41pm

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: An Introduction by Sir Hammerlock AND TORGUE!

This trailer involves an awful lot of shouting.

Publish date Today, 16:51pm

6 New Cheats for 6 games

Cheats for Total War: Rome 2, Sniper Elite 3, The Forest, Godus, Road Not Taken and 1 more games.  Stuck? Check out the latest hints & cheats for these games!

Publish date Today, 15:05pm

FIFA 15 Guide - Ultimate Team, Career, beginner and advanced tips and tricks

Guides and tips on everything you need to know in order to be the best at FIFA 15.

Publish date Today, 15:03pm

Explaining The Sims 4 to Yir Auld Da

Yir Auld Da is back again and has a few things to say about games that simulate real life.

Publish date Today, 14:51pm

Tropico 5 PS4 delayed to 2015

Next-gen dictator simulator pushed back to early next year.

Publish date Today, 14:18pm

DriveClub White PS4 bundle revealed

White PS4 bundle and Gamer Edition bundle racing into stores on October 10.

3 Publish date Today, 14:06pm

SEGA brings Persona 4 Arena Ultimax to Europe this November

Will be released as a digital download and at retail stores for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Publish date Today, 14:00pm

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Screens

Check out the latest batch of screenshots.

Publish date Today, 13:59pm

Darksiders 2 cost THQ $50m to develop, says Nordic Games boss

"We can produce a product of the same quality but for a lower cost. $50m is ridiculous."

Publish date Today, 12:14pm

Battlefield Hardline: Hotwire Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Whether you're the cops or the criminals, the goal in Battlefield Hardline's Hotwire mode is to get to the marked cars and drive fast.

Publish date Today, 12:17pm

The Order: 1886 Behind-The-Scenes video focusses on weapons and combat

Ready at Dawn discusses the creative process in designing the game's weapons.

Publish date Today, 11:22am

The Order: 1886: Behind-The-Scenes – Tools of the Trade

Ready At Dawn discusses their creative process in providing the members of The Order with the tools they need to defeat a powerful and ancient foe.

Publish date Today, 11:19am

Rock Band Network unplugged

Harmonix ends support for user-created content.

Publish date Today, 11:06am

PS4 sales surge 300% in UK following Destiny launch

Outsold Xbox One hardware by 2:1, report claims, despite 'significant' upturn in Microsoft sales.

8 Publish date Today, 10:36am

Top FIFA 15 Under-21 Stars

The world's best youngsters for you to recruit in career mode.

Publish date Today, 15:03pm

MotoGP developer Milestone announces next-gen bike racer RIDE

Road racer heading to PS4, Xbox One and more in spring 2015.

Publish date Today, 10:20am

Top FIFA 15 Hidden Gems

The best talent scouted from around the globe to improve your team.

Publish date Today, 15:03pm

Battlefield Hardline Screens

Check out the latest batch of screenshots.

Publish date Today, 09:56am

Destiny's Queen's Wrath & Combined Arms events detailed

'Massive scale' vehicular PVP event begins today.

Publish date Today, 09:37am

Assassin's Creed movie 'delayed to 2016'

Fox removes August 7, 2015 opening slot from movie adaptation.

Publish date Today, 09:18am
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