BioShock: The Collection confirmed for September release

Games have been made to look better than ever, says 2K.

Publish date Today, 13:20pm

All-new Pokemon revealed in new Sun and Moon trailer

Including what looks like an electric mouse.

Publish date Today, 11:57am

Sony may launch a slimmer PS4 in addition to Neo, claims analyst

Releasing as soon as September during the Tokyo Game Show.

Publish date Today, 11:25am

Solid Snake Gets Naked

Video games, burlesque, and the two coming together

Publish date Today, 12:50pm

Big in Japan Sale launches on PSN

Over 300 titles across PS4, PS3 and Vita.

Publish date Today, 11:00am

Neverwinter launches free on PS4 on July 19

Begin your adventures across the Forgotten Realms.

Publish date Today, 10:42am

Uncharted 4 patch 1.08 gives option to disable or tone down motion blur

In both single and multiplayer modes.

Publish date Today, 09:38am

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild must sell at least 2m to be profitble

Miyamoto explains why the game has cost so much.

Publish date Today, 09:11am

Splatoon rip off released on Android in China

Actually looks pretty competent.

Publish date Today, 08:34am

BioShock The Collection spotted on 2K Games' website

Imagery and screens pulled, but the evidence remains.

Publish date Today, 08:11am

July's PlayStation Plus games include Furi, Saints Row & Paragon on PS4

While Fat Princess and Call of Juarez head to PS3.

Publish date Yesterday, 16:44pm

Fallout 4 mods delayed on PS4

Beta pushed back to an unspecified time.

Publish date Yesterday, 16:18pm

System Shock gets Kickstarter right... so far

It might ultimately fail to deliver, but right now Nightdive Studios' plan to bring back System Shock is both simple and smart.

Publish date Yesterday, 16:40pm

Uncharted 4's Triple Pack Season Pass is being replaced by a new Explorer Pack

Naughty Dog switches up the DLC offering.

Publish date Yesterday, 15:00pm


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