Dark Souls 3: A Dubbed Beginner's Guide Episode 2

Uncle Bastard returns to upset his hapless nephew.

Publish date 6 Minutes Ago

Battlefield 5 to be revealed next Friday, May 6

UPDATE: EA confirms.

Publish date Today, 14:29pm

Romero's Blackroom Kickstarter 'paused' while dev works on gameplay demo

"We know we should have included it at launch."

Publish date Today, 15:45pm

SSX & Halo 3: ODST coming to Xbox One backward compatibility in June?

Amazon lists new digital pre-orders for both games, says they're playable on Xbox One.

Publish date Today, 12:03pm

Total War: Warhammer's Chaos Warriors pre-order bonus now free to everybody for first week

Creative Assembly to release DLC to all launch week players, regardless of whether they pre-order.

Publish date Today, 11:13am

Rumour: Modern Warfare Remastered includes campaign & 10 multiplayer maps

Another supposed marketing image appears online.

Publish date Today, 11:05am

Black Ops 3's Awakening DLC is coming to Xbox 360 after all

First DLC pack arrives on 360 next week.

Publish date Today, 09:45am

Deux Ex: Mankind Divided Collector's Edition comes in a triangular box

Includes an Adam Jensen figure and a 48-page artbook.

Publish date Yesterday, 17:25pm

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 101 Trailer showcases new footage and locations

New insight into the game's story also revealed.

Publish date Yesterday, 16:59pm

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes - Bomb Disposal Challenge

Two idiots, a manual, and no hope whatsoever.

2 Publish date Yesterday, 16:55pm

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex beta begins next week

Test out PC racer ahead of full release.

Publish date Yesterday, 16:18pm

Grasshopper Manufacture is teasing its next project

Believe In The Internet tease points to reveal next week.

Publish date Yesterday, 15:45pm

The Climb brings Cliffhanger experience to Oculus Rift

Don't look down.

Publish date Yesterday, 15:44pm

Uncharted 4 Libertalia Collector's Edition & Special Edition unboxing video revealed

PlayStation Access takes a look at Uncharted 4's fancy editions.

Publish date Yesterday, 14:53pm


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