Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Articles for 3DS

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Yoshinori Ono resigns from Capcom Vancouver

Street Fighter producer resigns from director position - but he's still at Capcom.

2 Publish date Jun 16

Ono: Capcom thought Street Fighter was 'a dead franchise', SFIV was 'an unwanted child'

"Everyone kept telling me: 'Ono-san, seriously why are you persisting with this?"

3 Publish date Jun 11 2012

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono hospitalised

Publisher's blog states the Street Fighter X Tekken producer fainted.

2 Publish date Mar 26 2012

EVO 2012 line-up revealed

The organisers of EVO 2012 have revealed the six titles that will be played at this year's tournament.

Publish date Jan 5 2012

Street Fighter IV 3DS tops 1 million shipped worldwide

Capcom's 3DS game the first to reach milestone.

2 Publish date Apr 12 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Crysis 2 triumphant in 3DS week

EA and Crytek's FPS sequel claims the No.1 spot ahead of LEGO Star Wars III.

Publish date Mar 28 2011

UK 3DS launch line-up confirmed

Pilotwings, nintendogs and more set for day one.

9 Publish date Feb 8 2011

SSFIV 3D Edition launches March 25 in Europe

Nintendo to distribute Capcom fighter.

Publish date Jan 26 2011

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Preview

Handy in a fight? Or fighty in your hand?

1 Publish date Jan 21 2011

Ono teases possible Super Street Fighter IV update

Arcade Edition DLC remains a possibility.

2 Publish date Jan 7 2011

Over the shoulder view for SF4 3DS

'like a different game' says an onlooker.

5 Publish date Sep 30 2010

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