Sonic Lost World screenshot
Sonic Lost World screenshot

UPDATE: In addition to the new trailer, the first screenshots and info for Sonic Lost World have been released by SEGA, too.

In a twist for the series, Sonic Lost World sees Sonic teaming up with Dr. Eggman to thwart the Deadly Six, six creatures previously under control of the evil scientist who have turned against their leader.

The game will introduce "dynamic new parkour moves and improved Colour Powers" which can be controlled by tilting and touching the Wii U GamePad, and feature a range of competitive multiplayer mode.

The Wii U version will also support off-screen play and a "two player support mode", while the 3DS version will be the first handheld Sonic title to feature "fully realised 3D levels", and will include exclusive Special Stages and unique Colour Powers.

Head through the links to take a look at it on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

ORIGINAL STORY: SEGA has released the first trailer for Sonic Lost World, offering a first glimpse at gameplay of the upcoming Nintendo-exclusive.

The trailer, which you can catch below, confirms a 2013 release date and shows Sonic running and jumping through a 3D world that appears similar to the series classic Green Hill Zone.

It looks like Sonic meets Mario Galaxy to me, but Tom isn't convinced. In fact, he called me an idiot for even suggesting it.

Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.

Sonic Lost World launches exclusively on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS later this year. More information on the game is expected later today.

Source: YouTube

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munkee's Avatar


The problem with Sonic is that the developers seem to think the games are all about speed. They're not. They're about platforming. Speed happens when players learn the stages and become really good at playing them.

Wipeout is about speed. But it begins incredibly slowly until the player is comfortable with the levels.
Posted 17:09 on 29 May 2013
Endless's Avatar


I'm not sure I can really comment on this without sounding appalled. Are we sure it's even Sonic Team making this? lol.

Here's the thing: I appreciate a lot of people like Mario and his galaxy and that this is the first of several Nintendo exclusives. But this is not 'Sonic on a Nintendo system', it's Sonic shoved into a galaxy-inspired Mario game.

For starters there's no sense of height (), no pinball-esque environments. Little sense of any speed, akin to having a floppy accelerator pedal on your car and a 2 second throttle delay. And I sincerely hope that those camera angles where you're running into the screen are promotional only. Garbage.

If we're to take that trailer as a representation of the rest of the game: One of the biggest problems for me would be that the way the gravity functions you will never ever go up or down anything, the camera will just shift so you're always on the 'flat'. The camera on 'good' sonic games is always fixed for a reason, it gives you s a sense of scale and direction. Higher is faster is pretty much the driving mechanic in a Sonic game, something I feel will be missing when you're running around a centrifuge.

Generations was fantastic imo, and a true return to form. The Sonic Allstars racing games also fit perfectly and are exceptionally well crafted. We were already on the road to bringing back the best of Sonic. Why we've had to stall and digress yet again I dont know. If this is an attempt to take Sonic in a new direction. Fine. But I wont kid myself into thinking this is a Sonic game. Because it isn't.
Posted 14:41 on 29 May 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ BrySkye

I can't help but see gusty gardens galaxy:

Click for Image
Posted 13:19 on 29 May 2013
SimonMiller's Avatar


Just wait until he starts making advancements towards a female human...
Posted 12:33 on 29 May 2013


A bit of Mario Galaxy I suppose, in so far as how gravity seems to function.

However, what it reminds me most of is the cancelled Sega Saturn game, Sonic X-treme, prior to it's shift to the NiGHTS 'inspired' engine.
That also used gravity and rotation.

YouTube Video
Still looks better than Sonic 06

Feel a bit cautious of this one.
I really did love Sonic Generations and I actually liked the daytime stages in Sonic Unleashed a great deal too.
Apart from the last level which was just absurdly brutal...
This may be once again making the mistake of just trying to add too much to the Sonic formula.
Sonic games just work so much better the more simple they are.
That's what Generations got right and was one of the things which took away from my experience of Colours.
Posted 12:33 on 29 May 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar

DancingRhino@ squidman

Yeah: my thoughts - that looks good. Oh remember it's sonic here.
Posted 12:24 on 29 May 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ squidman

It also looks kind of like the cancelled SEGA saturn Sonic xtreme game as well. Kind of, if you squint.

There are far worse places to take inspiration from then Mario Galaxy though, and they are bringing back the Wisps from Sonic Colours, the best Sonic game, for a while. How can Sonic team mess this one up? (Famous last words).
Posted 12:20 on 29 May 2013
squidman's Avatar


I saw a bit of Mario Galaxy in it, to be fair.

LOOKS GOOD. They'll probably cack it up, though.
Posted 11:52 on 29 May 2013

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