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Sonic Boom screenshot
Sonic Boom screenshot

SEGA has announced Sonic Boom, the latest Sonic The Hedgehog title currently in development for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Sonic Boom screenshot

Developed by Californian studio Big Red Button Entertainment in collaboration with Sonic Team, Sonic Boom introduces a brand new look for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy and promises to deliver a "totally different experience to previous Sonic games".

The game appears to have been built around the concept of co-op play and introduces a variety of new mechanics, including the a Enerbeam tether that will let players explore the world in "totally unique ways".

You can take a look at the Enerbeam – and the changes made to Sonic and friends - by clicking through to the first screens.

Alongside the new game, the Sonic Boom universe will also be supported by a brand new toy line and a 52 episode CG-animated TV series set after the events of the game. The series is set to debut on the US Cartoon Network during the 2014/2015 season, but for an early look at a 3 minute teaser, head through here.

Sonic Boom screenshot

"SEGA is constantly looking to feed the appetite of Sonic fans, new and existing alike," said Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA's chief content officer for Sonic.

"The various pieces of the Sonic Boom project, such as its unique look, mix of comedy, and action and its focus on the whole ensemble with Sonic as the star, offer another exciting part of that universe for people to explore and enjoy. It will be at once familiar but also new."

Sonic Boom is Big Red Button's first game, having been formed in 2008 by ex-Naughty Dog veterans Bob Rafei and Dan Arey. Rafei previously worked on Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter and the Uncharted franchise.

The 3DS version, meanwhile, is being developed by Secret Agent Clank developer Sanzaru Games, although details about the handheld game have not yet been revealed.

A release date for Sonic Boom has yet to be announced, but for the first look at the game in action take a look at the vid below.

Source: SEGA Press Release Analysis

Are you a fan of Sonic's new look? Do you think Knuckles looks a lot like Simon? Have your say in the comments below.

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User Comments

dav2612's Avatar


I found that Generations was too fast for me at times, I would be hurtling along and then stopped in an instant by an obstacle I barely noticed. It broke up the flow for me; could have done with an option to slow him down.
Posted 14:32 on 09 February 2014
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ BrySkye

I am in total agreement with you; Generations was excellent and they should have stuck to that format for subsequent games. Even the 3D stages were so much better than any of the other bastardisations of SOnic we've seen over the years. It's almost a shame Nintendo got their hands on it at that point.
Posted 09:52 on 09 February 2014


I would say that Sonic Adventure 2, and everything that followed it, probably should not have existed...

...With the exception of Sonic Generations, which I will defend vigorously not just as a great Sonic game, but as a great game in and of itself.
Even better now if you get yourself the PC version so you can not just gain the response and speed benefits of 60fps, but also the mod which will also allow you to play the perfectly fine day-time (ie, Sonic) stages of Sonic Unleashed in it as well.

Colours could also have been quite good, but it was hurt by being a Wii game (it was a very big visual step down to accept after Unleashed) and the various powers which I felt were an unnecessary gimmick that turned me off.

Lost Worlds, the demo left me feeling cold.
Of all the things a Sonic game doesn't need, its a run button.

*4 hours after he started typing this*
OK, so, I wanted to try out Nvidia's Shadowplay system anyway and Sonic Generations is a pretty good stress test for video capture, saying as its very bright, colourful and super fast...
This thread just made me want to go off and do it immediately, minty name drop included. :P
YouTube Video
Posted 01:18 on 09 February 2014
smackybumbum's Avatar


If you ask me (character models aside) this is the best looking game shown so far on Wii U and the most impressive use of cry engine 3 on consoles. And it doesn't have sonic team involved so it could be great! All good!
Posted 14:06 on 07 February 2014
aPROPERchap's Avatar

aPROPERchap@ fngrLCKNgood

Only needed a younger picture of dave.
Posted 02:41 on 07 February 2014
fngrLCKNgood's Avatar


Click for Image

Leaked concept art.
Posted 00:45 on 07 February 2014
MJTH's Avatar


I don't know what to make of this. Last year we got a Nintendo exclusive sonic that was pretty terrible. The launch trailer for lost worlds had me interested in the fact that it looked like sonic meets mario galaxy, but closer to release I grew more sceptical.

The time before that (in terms of Nintendo exclusive sonic games) we got sonic colours, which was without a doubt the best sonic game for years. Probably even near a decade.

And now we have this game. Even though the trailer barely showed anything, from what we did see, elements like multiple playable characters with different abilities and fairly open (non linear) levels seem plausible. However I'm not too sure about the style. I get a mix of Prince of Persia (2008) and skylanders (in the sense that the character models look like toys/ models). Also, what's with the over use of bandages and athletic tape.

On the whole, when sonic lost world was announced, I was interested straight away, and quickly I was disappoint closer to release. This game on the other hand, I'm sceptical about, but do see potential.

EDIT: Also apparently this is a western game release only. There is no sign of it being released in Japan apparently seems mind-boggling!
Posted 00:37 on 07 February 2014
Bloodstorm's Avatar


You know Samson from the Venture Bros?

Yea......that's knuckles, only painfully unfunny.
Posted 23:50 on 06 February 2014


Knuckles is the love child of Chris and Simon.
Posted 22:30 on 06 February 2014
aPROPERchap's Avatar


I like the design for Tails. He actually looks like a mechanic now.

Click for Image
So much athletic tape...

Dev team has Bob Rafei (Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted), so I'm hoping this game lives up to everything he's been a part of.
Posted 22:13 on 06 February 2014
Tentacle's Avatar


Considering this game is being set around the TV show and toy-line, I can see SEGA hitting a "Rabbids" effect.
Posted 21:46 on 06 February 2014
Jesus_Phish's Avatar


That sonic racing game (I know its called sega all stars, but its mostly sonic) is really good in fairness. And the last Sonic game was supposedly very good as well.

I think Sonics life as a AAA title, system seller of his Megadrive days are long over, but budget release titles under his name could do rather well.

Also slightly saddened to see we haven't gotten away from the use of dubstep in video game trailers yet. I thought we did!
Posted 21:40 on 06 February 2014
Mintyrebel's Avatar

Mintyrebel@ cheesepie36

I'm not convinced anything can save Sonic. I think the 2D side scroller has been sucked dry now and since Sonic isn't the iconic mascot he once was you could stick anything into the 2d formula and have the same result.
Posted 20:45 on 06 February 2014
cheesepie36's Avatar

cheesepie36@ Mintyrebel

If we could remove the last 5/10 years of Sonic then yes I agree. But hey, this new one could be good, I still hold out hope that a good modern Sonic is possible. I mean we know very little yet of how this will do but in my opinion Sega need to admit that Sonic isn't as strong a brand as it once was, bite the bullet and release a string of shorter but cheaper 2D sidescrolling games like the classics just with updated graphics. Although they did do this on wii-ware I think and it tanked so i could be talking out of my arse but still, if marketed correctly I believe 2D could save Sonic instead of trying to compete with other modern platformers.
Posted 20:28 on 06 February 2014
Mintyrebel's Avatar

Mintyrebel@ cheesepie36

Sonic needed to die about 5/10 years ago. I hate milking things so much they ruin my childhood memories of them.
Posted 20:20 on 06 February 2014

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