Pokemon Y screenshot
Pokemon Y screenshot

A "small number" of Pokemon X & Y players have discovered a "game-breaking save bug" said to render the game unplayable, VentureBeat reports.

The bug is said to cause the game to freeze "when saving in the outside streets area of Lumiose City", forcing players to hard reset the Nintendo 3DS. Resetting the console doesn't appear to fix the issue, however, with the game alleged to freeze "immediately" after reloading the save.

A video of the glitch appeared on YouTube, with other players reporting the same bug on gamefaqs.com.

Nintendo has yet to respond to the claims, but a post on Reddit suggests that removing the Nintendo 3DS's SD card while the console is powered off, placing it back in and booting the game up may fix the issue.

Source: venturebeat.com, reddit.com, gamefaqs.com

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RazorGecko's Avatar


This is probably nothing to worry about they will probably fix this soon.
Posted 18:25 on 16 October 2013
timidmeow's Avatar


When you think about it though, patching really wasn't an option for Nintendo for a long time. Sure you could do it with computer games 15 years ago (I had to do this with The Sims once at that time, by logging onto compuserve, looking for the patch, and sighing and rolling my eyes a lot waiting for the download), but it's only been recently that everyone can just connect to the internet on their consoles or handhelds to get updates. It's got to be a lot easier now, because of how spotpass works on the 3ds, and how 3ds stuff is always updating anyway, to issue a patch for the game.
That being said I still don't think Nintendo's going to patch this.
So I'll just avoid saving my game outside of Lumiose City. Nbd. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted 12:54 on 16 October 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Patching? Nintendo?

Posted 14:50 on 15 October 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Hopefully Nintendo/ GameFreak get round to patching this problem soon.
Posted 10:08 on 15 October 2013

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