Pokemon X screenshot
Pokemon X screenshot

Editor's Note: Due to when we received our Pokémon review code, we're waiting until early next week to publish our full review and additional articles. This is to give us ample time to play the game.

In the meantime, here's our initial impressions.

I’m nearly 10 hours into Pokemon Y. In that relatively brief time I’ve chosen my starter Pokémon – Chespin, duh – taken down my first gym leader and explored a few towns. This isn’t a full review, but there’s still a fair amount of stuff to talk about.

It’s a beautiful world, despite some frame rate issues that occur during battle. The game runs without a hitch outside of combat, but the problems are noticeable enough within it that you might find yourself forgoing 3D entirely. Also disappointing is the lack of 3D when exploring the world, where everything is strictly 2D. Still gorgeously presented, mind, but it's definitely a shame.

Pokemon Y starts swiftly; you’re not long off the loading screen and you’ve chosen your starter ‘Mon and been sent on your way. At this stage I’ve met over 50 different types and battled a huge variety of Trainer variants, visited a handful of different locations and only covered a fairly small portion of the map. It’s definitely a big game, and the speedy beginning inspires confidence: it's as if the devs can't wait to get you out among it.

There’s little challenge at this stage – I died once, because I forgot to heal my squad of little beasties before heading into a gym battle – but other than that I’m trudging along without much trouble. This should change soon if other Pokémon games are anything to go by, and I hope the difficulty steps up a notch, if only to give me reason to start experimenting with my different Pokémon buddies.

It’s hard to judge how much new content there really is, but I’m being teased with the intriguing prospect of mega evolutions. Standard evolution is enough to get excited about in the meantime, at least until I’m a couple of gyms in.

So far, so Pokémon, then, but a promising beginning.

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RazorGecko's Avatar


Exactly, good ol poke fun indeed :) I am getting this :DD
Posted 09:42 on 06 October 2013
Whitewolf's Avatar


sounds like good ol poke fun may have to get this
Posted 21:47 on 05 October 2013


I like the idea of reviews like this, where a long game gets something in between a preview and a review without the shackles of a score, then (hopefully) is built upon once the reviewer has completed the game, or played enough for a full impression.

Interesting reading, too, Sam.

In some ways, moving away from static single reviews and providing initial impressions (not embargoed) then filling this out seems to be a great way forward for the whole system. Why stop there? You could then provide an update a month after or more. I guess the question of how you then link and update these initial impressions is important. I'd like to see this remain and the review lead on from here rather than any editing taking place (this may be the plan here). With a link at the start of the review to this piece here.
Posted 15:43 on 05 October 2013
timidmeow's Avatar


I'm too excited. Waiting is hard.
Amazon will ship this to my mom's house on the 12th, and then from there it has to get to me at school.
This review just makes me even more excited, even if it is just pokemon again.
Posted 13:31 on 05 October 2013
Super's Avatar


Este jogo é muito prometedor principalmente para os fãs de pokemon :D
Posted 13:08 on 05 October 2013

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