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For those who have yet to experience the machine with their own eyes, there are lots of questions hanging over the 3DS. Does the technology actually work? Are the graphics as good as we've been lead to believe? Will it avoid failing as spectacularly as the Virtual Boy did? At a Nintendo showcase held in London earlier this week, we got another chance to see the device in action.

The 3DS area of the event was centred around a long rectangular counter, with perhaps eight or ten consoles on each side. Each unit was propped in front of an incredibly attractive Nintendo rep, each demonstrating a different game or technology. The list that follows details each of those demonstrations, and what it'll offer the future of handheld gaming.

Pilot Wings Resort

Pilot Wings has been cooling its jets for the past fourteen years, patiently waiting for an opportunity to take to the skies once again. The 3DS has finally given the franchise that chance, making a lot of fans very happy in the process. The game is set on Wuhu Island, the very same island from Wii Sports Resort. The playable demo was split into two halves: the first plonked players in the cockpit of a biplane with a trail of hoops to fly through, while the second saw a little Mii-esque chap trying to pop balloons in a jetpack.

Visually the game was simple, but it looked more than competent with its vivid use of primary colours and fantastic draw distance. The plane (or jetpack wearing Mii bloke) popped out of the screen, while the Island sailed on by in the background. It looked great, and if you chose to ignore the task in hand you could jet off and explore a bit of the island – even carefully descending into the mouth of an active volcano. We’ve been waiting for a Pilot Wings sequel for a very long time, and Resort doesn't look likely to disappoint.

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scaz2244's Avatar


sounds awesome contemplating getting this on the on day 1
Posted 15:52 on 29 July 2010
MJTH's Avatar


WoW :omg: that looks great, although I do have to agree the mario kart screen shots aren't as up to the same standerds as the other... but for a handheld it still looks good and it is one of the only actual gameplay screenshots so can't complain
Posted 15:24 on 29 July 2010
draytone's Avatar


hmm games look pretty good apart from Mario Kart 3DS
Posted 14:36 on 29 July 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I really hope MGS 3DS isn't worth the price of admission alone on the 3DS or I'll probably end up buying it.
Posted 14:01 on 29 July 2010
Woffls's Avatar


RAWWRR I want one NOW! >_<

Metal Gear sounds very promising indeed, and it sounds like making stuff in 3D is pretty easy to do well. It's remarkable that this one device has turned around so many people's opinion on 3D. All it takes is taking down enough barriers that people have no reason not to try it. Nintendo posted a loss this quarter for probably the first time since 2004, and It can only be because of the amount they've spent on 3DS' R&D. It will most definitely pay off.

It was good to see some unknown titles being shown as well. I'm sure Nintendo will be pushing 3rd party a lot on this device, and if it's easy to use then the catalogue will be huge pretty quickly.
Posted 13:37 on 29 July 2010

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