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DiRT 3 screenshot
DiRT 3 screenshot

THQ reportedly owes Codemasters over $1 million, according to a claim made by the publisher.

Codemasters filed a claim against the collapsed company earlier this month, alleging that the Darksiders publisher owes it $1,002,714.25 (£656,257).

It isn't known exactly why THQ would owe Codemasters money, but it is likely linked to a distribution deal between the two companies two years ago.

In 2011, THQ announced a distribution deal with Codemasters to distribute DiRT 3, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Bodycount and F1 2011 in the US via its THQ Partners label.

The deal was short-lived, however. Warner Bros. snapped up the rights to distribute Codemasters' titles in the US in 2012.

Amongst others, THQ is also reported to owe $595,000 (£389,411) to Brutal Legend developer Double Fine Productions, presumably for its work on Costume Quest and Stacking, and $19,316.25 (£12,641) to Konami.

Microsoft is seeking over $1m from THQ, too - $888,652 (£581,618) to Microsoft Leasing and $213,772 (£139,921) to Microsoft Corporation - with Sony Pictures, which created the Company of Heroes 2 movie, seeking a claim for $363,152 (£237,656).

Ex-THQ president Jason Rubin also appears to have made claims against the publisher and its subsidiaries in excess of $10m.

THQ filed for bankruptcy in December 2012 and began selling off its assets a month later.

The company announced that it had raised an additional $6.55m from the sale of outstanding assets last night, when it was revealed that Gearbox had acquired Homeworld, and Darksiders and Red Faction had been picked up by Nordic Games.

Source: kccllc.net

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