Satoru Iwata's approval rating is up, but still way off 2010 high

Up from 77.26% last year to 80.64%.

Publish date 10:40am at 01 Jul 2014

UK Video Game Chart: Sniper Elite 3 shoots into No.1

UFC kicked down to third place, while Watch Dogs holds at No.2.

Publish date 10:00am at 30 Jun 2014

Satoru Iwata re-elected Nintendo president

Retains position despite seeing his approval rating drop in recent years.

Publish date 12:32pm at 27 Jun 2014

Amiibo figures available for pre-order

Cost £12.85 each.

4 Publish date 12:16pm at 25 Jun 2014

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata issues open letter in relation to health issues

Has undergone surgery to remove a growth in a bile duct.

Publish date 9:49am at 24 Jun 2014

EA Sports UFC kicks Watch Dogs down to second place

The mixed martial arts game is EA's third All-Formats No.1 of 2014.

1 Publish date 10:15am at 23 Jun 2014

Amiibo can be a significant system seller for Wii U, says Nintendo

"We're not putting a numerical limit on how many varied figures we can launch," says Reggie.

Publish date 10:18am at 20 Jun 2014

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Legends remain exclusive to Xbox One/Xbox 360

EA confirms to VideoGamer.

3 Publish date 11:25am at 17 Jun 2014

Yoshinori Ono resigns from Capcom Vancouver

Street Fighter producer resigns from director position - but he's still at Capcom.

2 Publish date 2:49pm at 16 Jun 2014

Old-gen FIFA 15 will be missing features from PS4, Xbox One versions

EA also confirms the game for 3DS, Wii and PS Vita.

3 Publish date 11:54am at 16 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Chart: Watch Dogs sticks at No.1

EA's 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil the week's highest climber up to No.2.

1 Publish date 10:15am at 16 Jun 2014

Nintendo’s Amiibo figures price range revealed

To be similarly priced with Skylanders and Disney Infinity toys.

1 Publish date 4:21pm at 13 Jun 2014

Nintendo teases new 2D and 3D Metroid in the works

You wait for ages and then two Metroid games come along at once.

6 Publish date 10:47am at 13 Jun 2014

Code Name: STEAM is the new 3DS game from the people behind Advance Wars

A turn-based strategy, inspired by third-person shooters.

2 Publish date 10:13am at 12 Jun 2014

Pac-Man and Lady Palutena join Super Smash Bros. roster

Two new characters join line-up for Wii U and 3DS.

Publish date 10:02am at 11 Jun 2014


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